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PFS Timeline


75 DAY TIMELINE - scroll down...

This timeline serves to confirm what Dionne Lamprecht Inc has done and what transpired over the past 75 days with regards to Slimgedink Beleggings BK --> Platinum Financial Services Group CC t/a PFS Investments, which was a complex Ponzi Scheme that gave rise to several individual and integrated sub-divisions.

Learn MoreJul 20, 2021

1st Complaint

Tuesday - Our first client, Mr Combrink, sent us an e-mail in which he complained about "PFS Investments". He included emails between him and "Platinum Financial Services". We were contacted because our firm is know for specialising in Bankruptcy Applications and Insolvency Law on a national basis.

Jul 20, 2021

Meeting at ELN Attorneys

Wednesday - Eddie Leonard of ELN Attorneys requests an urgent meeting at their offices. They represent 3 investors with claims in excess of R2,500,000 who want to launch an urgent application in conjunction with Dionne Lamprecht Inc, for the liquidation of PFS Investments. However, upon further inquiry by George Leonard, they were informed by an investor, Johan Lloyd, that a large group of investors had already instructed another "outside" firm and that the liquidation application would be heard that Friday.

Jul 21, 2021

Fred Wille & Barend du Plessis

Thursday - ELN Attorneys and Dionne Lamprecht Inc stood down, awaiting the verdict of the liquidation application. Deon Botha (tending to investigations on behalf of Dionne Lamprecht Inc) requested a prominent investor, Fred Wille, to attend a meeting at Dionne Lamprecht Inc - he (Wille) was requested to explain how PFS Investments operated, to provide information on interest charged and commissions earned in order to prepare investor clients' claims. Meanwhile Rohan Lampecht met with the executive member of PFS Investments, Barend du Plessis, requesting his assistance with the investigation. Barend du Plessis continues to blame his co-member, Albert Tubb, exclusively for running a Ponzi-scheme parallel to the PFS cash loan branches - Barend only supplies selective and limited information. In contrast, Fred Wille provides crucial information to support the eventual liquidation of PFS Investments.

Jul 22, 2021

No Application!

Friday - Rohan Lamprecht attends High Court in Mahikeng in another matter. The liquidation for PFS Investments is not on the roll. Upon further investigation it transpires that there never was an application to start with - the false information "fake news" was provided to gain time for a hidden agenda. No application had been issued or was ever in the process of being issued. Dionne Lamprecht Inc immediately proceeds with a CIPC company search to obtain the required Disclosure Certificates for Platinum Financial Services Group CC (previously Slimgedink Beleggings BK).

Jul 23, 2021

Proceed with Application

Saturday - Dionne Lamprecht Inc in conjunction with ELN Attorneys proceed with the liquidation application for PFS Investments on urgent basis. Rohan Lamprecht attempts to schedule a further meeting with Barend du Plessis, but to no avail. Barend refuses to consent to the liquidation proceedings and continues to blame Albert Tubb, while Fred Wille provides detailed information and supplies a Confirming Affidavit to validate the findings of the investigation by Deon Botha.

Jul 24, 2021

Application issued

Monday - Dionne Lamprecht Inc's urgent application for the liquidation of Platinum Financial Services Group CC t/a PFS Investments is issued in Mahikeng High Court under case number UM165/21. The application is set down to be heard on Thursday, 28 July 2021 before Judge President Leeu.

Jul 26, 2021

Meeting at DupWest

Investors or their representatives meet with Henk Strydom at the offices of DupWest Inc to discuss the matter.

Jul 26, 2021

Application filed

Wednesday - Rohan Lamprecht proceeds to brief Adv D Smith to attend to the application. A second urgent application is also being drafted and prepared by Rohan for the forced sequestration of Albert Tubb's estate.

Jul 28, 2021

1st Application Granted!

Thursday - The application for the provisional liquidation of Platinum Financial Services Group CC is granted! The return date for the order to be made final is set for 26 August 2021. Dionne Lamprecht Inc proceeds to inform all relevant parties.

Jul 29, 2021

Letter - Strydom Bredenkamp

A letter from Strydom Bredenkamp is sent to all known creditors to confirm the Provisional Liquidation of Platinum Financial Services Group CC by Judge President Leeu and that the nominations for Henk Strydom's appointment will be submitted and filed with the Master of the High Court within 24 hours.

Jul 29, 2021

Court Order PFS obtained

Friday - The court order for the provisional liquidation of Platinum Financial Services Group CC is issued by the Registrar and sent to all the relevant parties, including Strydom Bredenkamp to enable the appointment of Henk Strydom as liquidator as requested by DupWest and their clients (investors in PFS).

Jul 30, 2021

2nd Application Granted!

Wednesday - A second urgent application brought by Rohan Lamprecht of Dionne Lamprecht Inc for the sequestration of Albert Edmund Tubb is heard. The provisional order is granted, with the return date for the order to be made final, is set for 2 September 2021.

Aug 04, 2021

2nd Court Order obtained (A.E. Tubb)

Friday - The court order for the provisional sequestration of Albert Tubb is issued by the Registrar. A copy is sent to Zebra Liquidators to enable the appointment of Me Maryna Symes as suggested by Rohan Lamprecht and nominated by the clients of Dionne Lamprecht Inc (investors who made payments into the FNB Account of A.E. Tubb).

Aug 05, 2021

Letter - Strydom Bredenkamp

Thursday - A letter from Strydom Bredenkamp is sent to all known creditors confirming the appointment of Henk Strydom & Milani Becker in Platinum Financial Services Group CC (in liquidation).

Aug 05, 2021

Nominations requested

Monday - Obtain nominations for the appointment of Me Maryna Symes of Zebra Liquidators in the Insolvent Estate of AE Tubb.

Aug 09, 2021

Nominations lodged

Wednesday - Nominations lodged with Master of the High Court for the appointment of Maryna Symes in Tubb's insolvent estate.

Aug 11, 2021

Provisional Appointment - A.E. Tubb

Thursday - Maryna Symes appointed as the Provisional Trustee in Estate of Albert Edmund Tubb by Master of High Court under Master's reference: M000159/2021

Aug 19, 2021

File Notice of Service - PFS

Friday - Supplementary documentation and Sheriff's Notice of Service sent to Mahikeng to be lodged in preparation of obtaining the final liquidation order for Platinum Financial Services Group CC on Thursday.

Aug 20, 2021

Certificate of Appointment

The Certificate of Appointment of Henk Stydom (Pieter Hendrik) and Milani Becker as the Provisional Liquidators of Platinum Financial Services Group CC (in liquidation) is issued under Master's reference M000153/2021.

Aug 20, 2021

60 Day Timeline posted

Sunday - Due to a lack in communication on the overall process, this 60 day TIMELINE is posted by Rohan Lamprecht in order to clarify what each person involved is doing. Johan Lloyd urges all investors in his group NOT to supply any information to Dionne Lamprecht Inc thereby hampering the investigation and further applications.

Aug 22, 2021

Maryna Symes in Rustenburg

Wednesday - Maryna Symes of Zebra Liquidators (appointed in the Insolvent Estate of Albert Tubb) visits Rustenburg and meets with Mr Tubb and his attorney - Mr Sakkie Smit at the offices of Dionne Lamprecht Inc. Mrs Symes takes into her possession all relevant documentation and bank statements of FNB Accounts.

Aug 25, 2021

Final Liquidation Order GRANTED!

Thursday - Provisional Liquidation of Platinum Financial Services Group CC (in liquidation) is made FINAL!

Aug 26, 2021

Ponzi Graph to date...

Rohan Lamprecht uploads a breakdown of the PFS Investments & Tubb Ponzi Schemes as appears from our initial investigation to date - it seems as if two schemes were run parallel to one another. Simply click on the [Read More] tab to view our Graphic Image... Hopefully it illustrates why we said there is a difference between ABSA Investors (Henk Strydom) and FNB Investors (Maryna Symes) BOTH of whom are working TOGETHER!

Learn MoreAug 26, 2021

Final Sequestration Order GRANTED!

Thursday - Provisional Sequestration of Albert Edmund Tubb is made FINAL!

Sep 02, 2021

Article in Rustenburg Herald

An article is featured in the Rustenburg Herald.

Sep 02, 2021

Current Status

*Claims are being submitted against Platinum Financial Services Group CC (in liquidation) for proof at the First Meeting of Creditors (drop-off at DupWest). **The Master of the High Court is experiencing a backlog due to nation wide system failure. Adv. Pule has informed us that all systems in all the Master's Offices are down and the estimated time to restore the system is unknown. We will monitor the situation and keep you updated. ***Trustee Maryna Symes is still awaiting her Certificate of Appointment from the Master - she has since frozen numerous bank accounts at various financial institutions based on her appointment.

Sep 07, 2021

Media Release of Ministry of Justice

Formal Media Release of Ministry of Justice and Correctional Services - to view the complete statement, click on the Read More tab...

Learn MoreSep 08, 2021

Fred Wille Provisionally Sequestrated

A provisional order for the sequestration of Fred Wille was granted. The application was brought on an urgent basis by the liquidators of Platinum Financial Services Group CC (in liquidation), via DupWest Inc.

Learn MoreSep 23, 2021

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