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Insolvency Law


An individual may apply to the High Court to declare themselves insolvent if their debt has become unmanageable and their liabilities exceed the value of their assets. If you're struggling to repay your debt or if your debt review instalment is to high, this might be your solution.

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An insolvent may launch a rehabilitation application to the High Court in terms of section 124 of the Insolvency Act, 1936, provided that the relevant provisions apply. The prescribed time-frames range from 6 months to 5 years from date of sequestration, subject to certain criteria.

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Liquidation of Companies

Is your company in financial trouble? Do you owe taxes that you can't pay? Perhaps its time to explore the drastic option of liquidating your company and walking away from the debt.

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Estate Administration

Estate Planning

We offer comprehensive estate planning at an affordable price, specifically aimed at safeguarding your assets, in as much as is possible at an acceptable cost, with the assistance of financial experts and registered service providers.

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Wills & Trusts

All our existing clients are entitled to a free will, drafted to your specific needs. We also offer our drafting services on behalf of third parties, tend to the registration of trusts and offer our clients an independent trustee service.

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Administration of Deceased Estates

The loss of a loved one comes with enormous emotional, financial and legal stress. We offer a professional approach to reduce the stress and impact caused by the passing of the loved one, as far as possible.

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Matrimonial Law

Ante-nuptial Contracts

Getting married? You NEED an Ante-nuptial Contract! We offer free advice and an all-inclusive online service. We also have a urgent 48 hour turn-a-round option!

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Postnuptial Contracts

Married, but want to change your marital regime? It's possible without a divorce by registering a Postnuptial Contract. We offer an affordable one-stop online solution!

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Divorce Cases

We cover everything: uncontested divorces, divorce mediation, child custody disputes, Rule 43 applications, family violence interdicts, asset investigation and appointed distribution.

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