Ante-nuptial Contracts

The Process

We have simplified the whole drafting, signing and registration process, to enable us to register any South African’s Antenuptial Contract, no matter where they reside in South Africa or abroad!

Register your Antenuptial Contract in only 9 easy steps:

  1. Simply contact us by e-mail and supply your contact details and date of marriage.
  2. Receive our confirmation letter, relevant information and invoice. 
  3. Simply effect payment by EFT or direct deposit and send us proof by e-mail.
  4. We will e-mail you our draft contracts (for both options: including and excluding accrual). 
  5. Choose your preferred option and inform us of any desired amendments by e-mail.
  6. We will call you to discuss your choice and confirm the amendments you wish to make. 
  7. Your Antenuptial Contract will be drafted accordingly, before its e-mailed back to you in PDF format.
  8. If you're satisfied, proceed to sign it together with the Power of Attorney.and e-mail it back to us.
  9. This will enable us to tend to the notarisation of your Antenuptial Contract by appearing before the Notary Public on your behalf, before we send your contract to the Registrar of Deeds for registration.

We will keep you updated as the registration process progresses, until we received the registered Antenuptial Contract back from the Registrar of Deeds. We will then scan and e-mail you a copy of the registered contract, before we mail the original to you.

Quick, Easy & Efficient...

Our Fees

Our all-inclusive fee for:

Couples getting married in South Africa .............R2,500 

Couples getting married abroad ..........................R3,750 

Expedition Fee (in less than 2 working days) .....R1,250