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The Firm
Dionne Lamprecht Attorneys was founded on the 1st of May 1995 by Dionne Francois Lamprecht (1940-09-01 to 2021-08-01),  a senior attorney who was admitted to practice law on 22 August 1966. Initially the firm started with only two employees, but steadily grew. The firm remained a general practice for almost a decade, offering a comprehensive range of legal services to its clients.

During the end of 2002 the decision was taken to commit to expanding its core business services, which mostly related to Insolvency Law, Matrimonial Matters and certain Commercial Services. In 2008 Dionne Lamprecht Incorporated was registered and the firm was subsequently re-branded as the primary Insolvency Law firm in the North West province.

By 2012 the firm had grown to such an extent, that Dionne Lamprecht Incorporated's main aim had shifted to offering its services primarily over the internet, by incorporating the use of websites and strategic internet marketing campaigns. We also proceeded to establish a national infrastructure to facilitate bankruptcy applications anywhere within the borders of South Africa.

As a boutique law firm with its office situated at 155 Bethlehem Drive, Rustenburg, North West Province, Dionne Lamprecht Inc is currently considered the premier go-to specialist firm when it comes to anything related to Insolvency Law or liquidation of companies.

At Dionne Lamprecht Inc, we utilises tailor-made software, systems and protocols developed for it specifically and exclusively by EZ Legal Solutions (Pty) Ltd, to which no other firm has any access. This has enabled us to establish ourselves as the leading law firm when it comes to Insolvency Law and bankruptcy related matters, to operate actively on a national level.

Our staff members are selected specifically for their individual expertise and commitment to the firm and its clients. Our Insolvency Division consists of a dynamic team of insolvency law experts, chosen with the specific aim to render a uniquely professional, yet personalised service at a very affordable price.

In short - We strive to be the best, not the biggest...