Sequestration Applications

Sequestration Applications

We offer a free assessment, given the facts of your specific matter: our main aim is of course to obtain payment of your claim, or at least part payment,  should we proceed. 

We don't believe in launching an application unless there's a substantial chance of recovery by way of insolvency inquiry, which of course becomes very viable as the trustee only becomes entitled to 10% of the funds recovered.

A forced application provides an excellent avenue of recovery due to the following:

  1. The insolvent becomes unable to incur any further debt;
  2. All the assets of the insolvent debtor will be seized by the trustee for realization;
  3. The trustee is empowered by the Insolvency Act with various additional remedies;
  4. An insolvency inquiry is far more effective than any normal financial inquiry;
  5. The trustee can obtain any additional information simply upon request, such as bank statements,  financial statements, accounting records, etc.

Given the advantages and cost-effectiveness of the process, if utilized correctly, a forced sequestration can be much more effective than any normal collection process and in most circumstances your legal costs are 100% recoverable.